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Plug & Pitch Pitching Services

Discover hundreds of high potential startups' pitch videos all over the MENA

You don't have to spend tens of hours in offline pitches events to discover potential investment opportunists, With Plug & Pitch you are always connected to the most promising startups all over the region.

Joine some of MENA's most active investors

Collaborate and track

Navigate across a daily growing list of full video pitches easily.

Navigate easily across a daily-growing list of full video pitches featured from entrepreneurs disrupting  different sectors, all over MENA.  

Collaborate and track

List your considered startups digitally.

Have an eye on startups worth following, add them to your custom list and track how they steer their way through their surviving battle. 

Collaborate and track

What’s Private Stays Private.

Plug & Pitch provides you with full control over profile and its visibility, who can view your activity on the website and how you appear to others.  

Collaborate and track

Channel your experience with MENA future sparkling entrepreneurs!

Feel free to reach out and inquire about more information regarding specific founders.

Upload your pitch video once, get viewed forever.

Now closer to investors like never before, Upload your pitch
video directly to a number of investors without being filtered!

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