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Plug & Pitch Pitching Services

Upload your pitch video to investors without being filtered!

Upload your pitch video once, get viewed forever by
hundreds of the most active investors all over
MENA! Also upload a pitch demo showcasing your startup to entrepreneurs and other ecosystem supporters surfing

Feature your pitch to MENA's most active investors

How it works


Upload your
1. Full pitch video
2. Pitch demo video


Update your profile info.


Check your profile
from time to time and keep an eye
on investors interactions  with your startup. 


Sign up once, and share your startup pitch demo and your profile page where ever you want!

Collaborate and track

Investors and VCs looking for projects like yours!

Get your video pitch featured to a wide range of the most active investors and VCs all over the MENA region, and get discovered while you’re asleep! 

Collaborate and track

Now closer to investors like never before!

Plug & Pitch tool enables investors to review,
comment and rate your full pitch. Now you can
use investors’ direct insight both to refine your pitch & business model, and to share positive insights as a reference to your next steps. 

Collaborate and track

Get everybody to know your startup through your pitch demo!

Unlock other untapped opportunities by uploading your pitch demo for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and other ecosystem supporters visiting our website daily, and share your startup profile wherever you want. 

Collaborate and track

Keep investors (and us) updated with each milestone!

Our toolkit will allow you to easily update everything on your profile so you can update your featured products and services, investment news and more. Besides checking your reviews easily. 

Upload your pitch video once, get viewed forever.

Now closer to investors like never before, Upload your pitch
video directly to a number of investors without being filtered!

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