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MENA Online Pitching Platform

Join hundreds of founders pitching their startups to seasoned
investors, Without barriers, All Online!

Set up a founder profile and have the opportunity to showcase
your startup to the whole region!

Get access to powerful tools that position your startup where opportunities are!

Plug & Pitch was built to be simple, Investors and startups are now 3 simple steps away from getting connected!

Create your Startup Profile

Create a profile, tell us a little about your startup and what makes it the next big thing!

Upload your Pitch Video

Snap a video of you pitching your startup, covering main given points, and upload it to your profile. 

Share your Startup Updates

Keep us posted on recent milestones and updates happening to your venture, from investment news to headhunts,  make sure it’s all there. 


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Set up Profile and Get Verified

Create an investor profile, and enjoy the sourcing, shortlisting and filtering features that come with it. 

Discover Startups

Explore early stage startups worth giving a look, before anyone else. All in stealth mode. 

Connect with Founders

Reach out for founders and take it from there. 

Upload your pitch video once, get viewed forever.

Now closer to investors like never before, Upload your pitch
video directly to a number of investors without being filtered!

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